What is hosting?

Hosting, in one sentence; a place where your website or web application lives. It is like the “stand” or “land” on which your house(website or web application) is built on.

Hosting generally enables four things:

1 – Your domain name e.g companyname.comcompanyname.orgcompanyname.co.za

This becomes your digital identity or your digital address. Just like your house has a stand number and then your house number so a domain has an IP address number and a domain name registration. The IP address is the “stand number” of your domain name and the domain name is the “house number” or “Street address” of your website. It makes it easier to go to www.domainname.co.za rather than having to type in 192.168.xxx.xxx

Domains have to be registered by a domain name registration company, where it gets registered in the domain registry. This is so that the internet can keep track of who currently owns which domain. A domain can only be owned for a full business year then the domain will have to be registered again.

2 – Email addresses

Having hosting and then having a domain name unlocks having personalized email address which are generally info@companyname.com or yourname@companyname.com

This enables your company to have a professional image. The email will show that you do not rely on free services and can take care of your business expenses. It also shows commitment as you have to continually renew your domain name and pay for hosting every month in order to have the white labelled email.

3 – Easier to monitor your website health

Having a hosting provider enables you to access the status of your website. This includes data such as how much traffic has passed to your website, the location of the visitors and what type of browsers they are using. This information, coupled with a good analytics platform like google analytics will enable your organization to have powerful information at your disposal so as to ensure that effective decisions are made to increase the bottom line.

Your website health is measured in the amount of time it spends offline. The more time it spends online the better its health. Every major hosting provider company will ensure that your website is available and online for 99.99% of the time.

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4 – Accessibility of your website

Now people can type www.companyname.com and see your website there. This makes life easier for you or your organization to advertise and showcase products and services. This helps with visitors not having to type out or follow a complicated route in order to access and see your website.

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It can be agreed that without hosting your digital, online life would be quite miserable.

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